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Galatians 4:1-20

We desire to be people committing all of our hearts to Jesus. This is where the Spirit of His Son resides (Gal 4:6, 2 Cor 1:22). Therefore, we can only live as transformed people by allowing our hearts, through the leading of His Spirit, to set the vision for our lives. Only then, will we be able to truly call ourselves followers of Jesus; when we are led by His Spirit.

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Finding Our Significance in Jesus

We desire to truly live as people who have been set free and rescued into the Kingdom of God! Living as the church who has been transformed and finds her significance in Jesus will bring restoration to people around her. As each of us is living out this mission at Restoration, we will join with all other Christians around the world to eventually bring glory to Jesus everywhere.

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Walking into our Inheritance

God has a spacious place for us and we enter in by faith, receiving all that Jesus has won for us. Because of Jesus we are co-heirs with Christ and can live finding our joy and hope in Him, despite our circumstance. We can dream big in Him, not living in fear of the unknown or wishing for what’s familiar but trusting in our big God and His good plans for our lives, moving into the more He has for us.

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Vision & Values- Jesus and His Presence

The most important revelation we have, is our revelation of who Jesus is. Let’s keep our passion and love for Jesus alive and be a church that is captivated by Jesus.  Our revelation of Jesus will keep us from dry Christianity and going through the motions. 
David pursued and longed for the presence of God, even  when his own son was trying to kill him. (Ps. 63) We also can run into the Presence of God and receive grace and mercy in our time of need. (Heb. 4:16)

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Vision & Values- Advancing The Kingdom

One of the values at Restoration is to advance His Kingdom. We believe this “value” is also applicable to all Christians everywhere as it is the “commission” from our King to all followers of Christ. The most effective, and impactful, way is to be transparent to those around us at all times while constantly making Jesus the focus and center of our lives. This can, and should, be done through the various people we interact with on a regular basis.

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The Assurance of Our Salvation- The Presence of God

God is calling us to experience the the glory of his presence, to hear and awaken to His call, turn to him, and celebrate with others, and rejoice in the fellowship of His presence. As we unfold the story of Joseph, we can see that he is one who stood firm to experience the presence of God in such a fruitful way. God desires that you enter into his presence, and be filled with overwhelming joy. How will you experience God?

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