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Galatians 2:11-21

We have been justified by the faithfulness of Jesus, His finished work on the cross and are FREE from guilt and condemnation. We are free from sin and outward conformity and can come before God because of Jesus alone.

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Being Faithful in the Suspended Seasons

James encouraged us to be faithful in the “suspended seasons” and to stand and fight for the unity of our local church by honoring one another. Fight now for what is coming and fight now for now, because how we walk into our inheritance is flavored by our faithfulness with the right now. When we do this our local church becomes dangerously effective for the Kingdom.

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The Significance of the Local Church

Our respective local church family is where God has specifically and intentionally put us for this season. Jesus is building His Church through us serving Him within our local church family. It is where we grow and mature together. We are committing to being part of His plan and serving Jesus when we commit to the local church family and serve Him by bringing forth our time, gifting, and finance.

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