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Abraham: Friend of God - Genesis 16

Genesis 16 teaches us to be constantly inquiring of God! God doesn’t want us to make just a rational decision, but to come to him for leading and guidance in making our decisions. Being a friend of God is not about doing the right thing, but it is all about having intimacy with Him.

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The Anatomy of Saying "Yes" to God

Thank you to James and Jesi Lusk for sharing with us about their upcoming adventure as they say “Yes” to God. The process of saying “Yes” was made easier through the revelation of who God is. As we come to know who God is, we know who we were and who we are in Christ. This revelation of God made the saying “Yes” easier! Watch out NYC. This great city is about get wrecked even more, through the Lusks, by the ever advancing Kingdom of God!

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Colossians 4

God instructed ALL followers of Jesus Christ, through Paul, to commit ourselves to prayer, to pray that God may open doors for the message of the mystery of Christ, and to pray for us to share it clearly. These instructions are from our Heavenly Father’s desire to communicate with us and for others to know His love for the world.

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